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Welcome to Land + Heart Project Puerto Rico.

Together with travelers, volunteers, students, educators, organizations, farmers, leaders, and more, we foster Fair Food Restoration on the Isla del Encanto based on support, solidarity, permaculture, and cooperation. 

"Restoring Relationships with Land and People" means co-creating opportunities for fair farm restoration in   Puerto Rico, upholding the pillars and practice of permaculture:

  • Earth Care = Ecological Impact

  • People Care = Sociological Impact

  • Fair Share = Economic Impact


Reverence for the living Island and her natural inhabitants is the heart of our work. Land + Heart Project was created in solidarity with the people of Puerto Rico. This is our home, these are our pana. Our programs are built to meet the needs of fair food restoration for the island. We invite the open-hearted and the future-minded to experience these values put into action, together.



Let us design an unforgettable experience for you that support fair restoration, local projects, and more. Experience Puerto Rico's beautiful local food, community, and ecology with our network of lodging, nourishment, adventures, farms, gardens, markets, volunteer opportunities, inspiring projects, and diverse landscapes. Restore yourself in harmony with the earth, support local, and build global friendships.

Affordable trip plans available for individuals and groups. Traveling with Land + Heart Project supports our farm work, too!


Land + Heart Project supports fair farm restoration through permaculture and cooperation. We run volunteer brigades, educational programs, partnership programs for long-term support, and distribute resources to farmers restoring the island with love!


Everything we do is to fortify the foundation of ecological farming that fairly preserves Puerto Rico's land, people, and environment.


Educational and cultural exchange programs bringing labor, funds, and diverse income streams to farms are the heart of our work with you. This system creates opportunities for service learning and sustainable business skill development for folks from the island and around the world.

Urban Farming

resource network

Land + Heart Project is mapping the many ingenuitive eco-proyectos on the island, streamlining the ways people and organizations can support fair recovery in Puerto Rico. Sharing resources fosters cooperation, community-building, and economy of scale, over time allowing us to co-create worker- and member-owned enterprise.

Our map and calendar are designed to simplify service, learning, and travel, supporting exclusively local efforts, and making complex navigation a whole lot easier. Puerto Rico is home to some of the most inspiring environmental and social ecology in the world! Individuals and groups who want to support the island and co-create lifechanging experiences can reach out any time.



Now Ripening:

Permacultura Pa'l Pueblo: collaborative, accessible, community-based permaculture education, returning in 2021

Farm Brigades and Partnership Program with community organizations, school groups, veterans, local young folks, and You!

Resource Networking with Projects, Communities, Farms, and other non profit orgranizations, Bridging the Island with the Diaspora

Sustainability Talleres with a Variety of Local Eco-Collaboradorxs

Local Tree and Seed Sourcing

For up to date events, check out our Facebook Page

Contact us  for more information:)

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